Do Good. Be Good. Do No Harm: Cultivating Our Bodhicitta

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PEACE PROJECT 2020-2021:

Do Good. Be Good. Do No Harm. Youth Leadership Teams

Vision: Develop and sustain youth leaders in high schools (and eventually middle schools) through three basic principles put into practice: Do Good; Be Good; Do No Harm. Through participation in the Youth Leadership Teams, it is hoped that the youth will be able to overcome their internal and external (societal) obstacles to achieve a successful high school career and beyond. These leadership teams will be based in a school, allowing students and community members to easily support one another within the broader school community.

Three Components:

Do Good—Community Service Learning Component.

Youth will work in groups to develop, implement and evaluate community service learning projects. While these CSL projects and activities will be developed during group meeting times, it is the goal that they will generally take place outside of school in the broader community. These CSL projects and activities may include: Reading to younger students, assisting elders in the community, doing environmental cleanups, writing books with younger or older students to bring oral histories to life for others outside of their cultures, hosting a community organic garden, and so on. Generally, a long term CSL commitment (quarter, semester or year-long) will be encouraged.

Staff: At least one adult will act as the CSL Coordinator and Youth Leadership Team Advisor for the group of students for the entire year. They will be responsible for supporting students in all phases of the CSL projects, as well as acting as the overall coordinator and mentor for the Youth Leadership Council students in their school-group.

Funding: 1 class period time for a Full-time Teacher already working in the school, or $10,000/year.

Be Good – Meditation, Tutoring, Mentors Component

Meditation: Students will have the opportunity to learn and practice meditation from the Buddhist traditions, as well as other spiritual practices for sustenance and transformation from other faiths and religions. There will be a space available in the school where students can meditate at least in the morning before classes, and if possible, during lunch hours or other times that the Principal deems appropriate.

Staff & Funding: Buddhist ministers and Clergy from other faiths will be invited in to teach their spiritual tools for transformation, 1x/week afterschool. While they may wish to donate their time and energy, possible salaries could be: $20/hr for up to 50 students, $36/hr for 50-100 students, $300/day if teaching 5 classes, or $1/student/hour. Estimated cost: $1,600/year.

After School Tutoring: Youth Leadership Team students will have access to 2 hours of afterschool tutoring, Monday – Friday, except on days when the Youth Leadership Teams meet to conduct other business.

Staff & Funding: At least one paid staff (teacher or TA or EA) at $20/hr for 10 hrs/week=$8,000/yr. Parents and mentors are encouraged to assist as tutors as possible.

Mentors: Youth Leadership Team students will be paired with a mentor from the surrounding business community. The goal of the mentorship component is to offer students insight into the world after high school and how to overcome obstacles to succeed. Students will meet with their mentors at least 1x/month for 1 hr. Mentors will be volunteers, and also assist in raising money for the Youth Leadership Tean scholarships offered after each year’s successful completion of the program.

Staff & Funding: No cost. Ideally, one mentor per Youth Leadership Team student.

Do No Harm: Anti-Racism & Anti-Harassment Training, Multicultural Learning Groups, Mono-cultural Support Groups Component.

Anti-Racism & Anti-Harassment Training: Youth Leadership Council students will participate in anti-racism and anti-harassment training throughout the year, including white privilege work for students of Euro-American descent. Included in this work are multicultural learning groups where students share their different perspectives with a diversity of cultures present, and mono-cultural support groups, where students actively support one another in their culturally specific ways.

Staff & Funding: Trainings and groups will be led by parents and community leaders trained in this work. $20/hr, 5 hrs/wk = $4,000/yr , shared by the Do No Harm staff.

Monetary Reward for Successful Completion

Students who successfully complete a full year as a member of their Youth Leadership Teams will receive a scholarship each year, of $500-$1000/student.

Cost: Around $10,000/school.


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