Hope in Hard Times

Hope in Hard Times

By Vajracharya Charlotte M. Steen

As we look out into our current pandemic-focused world, perhaps it is difficult to imagine or even to hope for a better future. So much is uncertain, and yet it is in this time and space that it is imperative to bring forth the light, love and happiness that are within us in order to create a new world.

Sometimes it is easier to be complacent and even to sleep walk through life, as if we no longer have a choice about our now and our future. But when we do this, we are wrong. In fact, each second that we are “giving up,” we are actually killing what is holy and precious within us. Don’t do this. Don’t kill what is holy and precious within you.

Each moment that we choose to acknowledge the divine and to envision a better future, we are able to become co-creators of this better world, this new world. In order to become co-creators of a new, better world, we need to be good people. We need to be good men and good women who honor and respect others and our earth, who forgive all things, who learn from others and who want to help others without expecting anything in return.

Right now we have been given the time and space to be with our families and loved ones and to clearly cherish one another. Perhaps that is one gift of this pandemic time. Another gift is now that most of us are not on our daily work and school-life treadmills, we can step back and look at what is working and what is not working in our lives. Do this.

Take this time to acknowledge the good in your lives and in each other. Magnify this good through mutual admiration.

Take this time to acce