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A Jewel Hidden In Our Midst

One meditation style that is still relatively unknown is that of Chinese Esoteric (Hanmi) Buddhism. Chinese Esoteric Buddhist meditations and dharma practices arose when the three founders, all Buddhist masters, came from India in 716 and 720 A.D. to Xi’an, China and incorporated the native spiritual practices of Confucianism and Daoism with the Buddhist teachings.

The Hanmi Buddhist meditations use the three mysteries of chanting a mantra silently, holding a mudra (generally, a hand gesture) and following a visualization. The combination of these three mysteries is very effective in leading one from the ordinary state of consciousness to a higher state of consciousness. Each meditation practice can be the practitioner’s path to self-realization, that is, to know one’s self. As one begins to know self more, that wisdom serves as an agent for constructive change. It is the joint practicing of the Hanmi meditations along with a willingness to change that creates the fertile ground for awakening, for attaining Buddha-hood in this lifetime, for uncovering the inherent jewel within.

Even though Hanmi Buddhist meditations can be used for spiritual development, most of the meditation practices are open to all, without discrimination and without the requirement of becoming a Hanmi Buddhist. The 49th MahaAcharya, the 49th Lineage Bearer of the Chinese Esoteric School and the Golden Crown Dharma King, Dechan Jueren, was instructed by his Master to open the dharma to all. It is his hope that many people will reap the benefits of these meditation practices.

Today, there are many Hanmi Buddhist meditations bearing names that indicate their positive side effects and benefits, including Calcium Enrichment; Diabetes Self-Healing; Wisdom Dew Beauty Yoga; Balance Weight, and more. Practitioners of various faiths including no faith have practiced these and other Hanmi Buddhist meditations successfully, and have experienced the positive effects, all while still maintaining their own path and/or spiritual practice.

With Hanmi Buddhist meditation, the key to success and to “attaining the dharma” is old-fashioned perseverance and the guru’s blessing. It is receiving the dharma teaching, learning the meditation, and then finding a time and a place to practice it daily for a minimum of 108 days up to many years. It is this “walking the walk” that makes Hanmi Buddhist meditation practices so empowering, both as spiritual healing tools and as a spiritual practice in itself.

There is a jewel for each one, in this gift offered to the community. It is our choice to open the gift, to practice it daily for our benefit, and ultimately to practice it daily for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Charlotte M. Steen (Vajracharya ZhiChan) received the Medicine Buddha Dharma teachings directly from the Mahavairocana, Great Enlightener Golden Crown Dharma King Dechan Jueren, in April 2003, at Amherst, Massachusetts. Ordained as a teacher, in November 2010, at YingTian Temple, Chengdu, China, she received her abhis’eka kettle, August 2012, at Dari Rulai Temple, La Puente, California. She teaches Hanmi Buddhist meditations, offers spiritual healing services and conducts Buddhist prayer services to relieve suffering. She works with all with an open heart-mind who want to meditate daily to transform their lives, open their awareness and heal themselves and others. For more information, call 651-278-0697 or email For more information about Chinese Esoteric Buddhism in Minnesota, visit


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