Hanmi Buddhist Prayer Services Offered: Daily Prayers & Dharma Rites


Daily Prayers and Dharma Rites are CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE until further notice















Dharma Rites/Buddhist Prayer Services: 

"One of the greatest services we can offer the community is the conducting of dharma rites for those in need.   All of our suffering is a result of our actions, our karma, both past and present.  Yet no one should have to suffer alone.  Through the chanting of specific mantras, the advanced Hanmi Buddhist practitioners call on Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to assist the one requesting the rite.  Thusly, advanced Hanmi Buddhist practitioners can help carry and often transmute others' karma that is creating the situation or suffering."  Specific donations required.

Yearly Rites (Done once during the year, they offer the recipient a full year of blessings.) 

Birthday (Held on the actual birthday of the recipient)

Offers the recipient prayers for longevity, good luck and good health.  Recipient does not need to attend for it to be effective.  If they do attend, cake is provided.  Contact the Temple at info@mn-hanmi-buddhism.org or Abbot, Vajracharya Charlotte at steenc108@gmail.com or 651-278-0697 for more information and to register. 

Situational Rites (7-9 days of chanting to help the recipient with their challenges)

Looking for extra spiritual support in your life?  These rites are quite helpful in overcoming many obstacles. 

Assist the Deceased

Extinguish Disaster

Luck Change

Seeking Marriage

       Seeking Offspring 

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