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Meritorious Donations are an opportunity for all who respect Buddha to make donations to support  大日如来智门寺 Dari Rulai ZhiMen Temple to do the work necessary to uplift humanity and to support you in your transformation, to relieve suffering, and to promote more peace, loving-kindness and happiness in our world.

When meritorious donations are offered selflessly, they bring the one who gives them merit--which helps cultivate one's good luck, good health, and a happy heart.  Cultivating great merit is a necessary component for attaining great enlightenment, and (the caveat) cultivating great merit needs to be without a thought of reward in order to truly cultivate it. So we need to help others without thought of receiving anything in return for ourselves. 


Donations can be received via cash or checks made out to Charlotte Steen/Dari Rulai ZhiMen Temple, 3174 205th Avenue, Glenwood City, WI 54013, USA.   Those wishing to make a donation via credit card or bank transfer should email for details.


Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity!

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