Be the Change You Seek:  Support Others On Their Journeys

Peace Project 2020-2021

Support students in the Upper Midwest to learn a simple Hanmi Buddhist meditation that can support them in experiencing more peace, joy, and good health.  FULL DESCRIPTION HERE.  Donations can be made to a general fund or for specific students & schools.   DONATE ON LINE HERE .   We also accept cash and checks made out to:  Dari Rulai ZhiMen Temple, 80 County Road C West, #804, Little Canada, MN  55117.  Contact Vajracharya Charlotte 651-278-0697 or at  

Donations for Full Altar Set-Up 

UPDATE!   We have already raised $1325 towards our goal of $7000.  Thank you so much!!!

Help our Dari Rulai ZhiMen Temple family (sangha) raise money to give the proper offerings for a full altar set up.  MORE HEREDONATE ONLINE HERE .  Donations can also be received by cash or checks written to: Dari Rulai ZhiMen Temple, 80 County Road C West, #804, Little Canada, MN 55117.  THANK YOU! 

Other Ways to Help Others: 
  • Chant your mantras, daily.

  • Practice daily.

  • Connect with us on Facebook/LotusIntheWoods

  • Participate in community service projects each month. 

  • Organize a community service project and invite others in the Dari Rulai ZhiMen Temple sangha to join you.

  • Continue your spiritual journey, take Hanmi Buddhist classes and workshops.

  • Help Dari Rulai ZhiMen Temple with outreach and advertising, tell others about us!  Invite them to join you at our events! 

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