Be the Change You Seek:  Support Others On Their Journeys

Pay It Forward Peace Project:   Support students in the Upper Midwest to learn a simple Hanmi Buddhist meditation that can support them in experiencing more peace, joy, and good health.  Donations can be made to a general fund or for specific students & schools.   Contact Vajracharya Charlotte at or 651-278-0697.

Build The Sangha:  

Invite your friends and family to join you at one of the open events--the open sitting meditation session, open walking meditation sessions, the public dharma rites.  Invite Vajracharya Charlotte to offer meditation classes at your place of business or other places in your community.  Contact Vajracharya Charlotte at: or 651-278-0697.

Other Ways to Help Others: 

Chant your mantras, daily.

Practice daily.

Connect with us on Facebook/LotusIntheWoods

Participate in community service projects each month. 

Organize a community service project and invite others in the Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Association (UMHBA) sangha to join you.

Continue your spiritual journey, take Hanmi Buddhist classes and workshops.

Help UMHBA with outreach and advertising, tell others about us!  Invite them to join you at our events! 

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