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Chinese Esoteric Buddhist Spiritual Healing Services
New Hours:
Available Daily 10am-5 pm
Call or text for an appointment:  651-278-0697
In an emergency, call: 715-265-7714
One to five healing clients treated in one 45-60 minute session. 
Relaxing environment, outdoor peace included.
Call or email to request long distance healing. 
By donation.     MN Client Bill of Rights PDF
Offering Chinese Esoteric Buddhist Healing Techniques as transmitted by Great Master Dechan Jueren and found in
Thunderbolt Yoga Subduing Mara: Successful Healing in 10,000+Cases
Heart and Brain Diseases: Heart Attack, Stroke, etc.
Nervous Diseases: Migraine, Amnesia, etc.
Respiratory Diseases: Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, etc.
Digestive Diseases: Stomach Ulcer, etc.
Urinary Diseases
Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Women's Diseases
Cancer & Tumors
Motor & Surgical: Rheumatoid, Low Back Pain, Broken Bones, etc.
Metabolic Diseases:  Diabetes
Others: Heatstroke, etc.


If you have received Chinese Esoteric Buddhist Spiritual Healing from Dari Rulai ZhiMen Temple, you may make your offering with cash or check made out to Dari Rulai ZhiMen Temple, or HERE.

What Is Chinese Esoteric (Hanmi) Buddhist Healing?

Every illness has its roots in the past.  All our present suffering was created by our own past actions in this life or another.  This is the law of karma, cause and effect. Although we all have a degree of suffering to face, we don’t have to face it alone. 

Buddhist healing relies on the use of mantra, to call upon a Buddha or Bodhisattva for help, protection, and guidance.  This enables us to consciously work out and purify karma on a higher level, eliminating the need to experience physical illness and disasters.  When the karma is purified, the illness naturally disappears.

Ways to Obtain Help

1. Receive a healing from a dharma practitioner.  Practitioners, taking refuge in Guru, Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, can repent, receive a reprieve, and protection from current illness, suffering, and disasters.  Through the practice of esoteric dharma, they purify their karma and learn to accumulate merit by doing service for others.

2. Learn and practice esoteric dharma.  Purify your own illness.  Buddhist esoteric practice involves the use of mantras, mudras, and visualizations to go from an ordinary state of mind to a higher state.  A daily meditation practice is essential to greatly speed the natural self-healing process of the body.

3. Request a Healing Dharma rite.  A dharma rite is a Buddhist ritual prayer ceremony where esoteric practitioners gather together & pray for a common goal.  Practitioners who have experience working together with advanced states of consciousness can overcome an obstacle with relative ease that would be insurmountable for one person.


Additional Insight

by Vajracharya Charlotte M. Steen

4. Do Good: Offer your service to others freely, without consideration of receiving anything in return.

5. Be Good: Practice respecting all, forgiving all, helping all. This way of going about your life will create a smoother path for you and will lighten your burden.

6. Do no harm. Aspire to know yourself, and thus to recognize how you have created the karma you are experiencing. Once you know yourself, aspire to change yourself, and eliminate the cause of creating suffering. Overcome yourself.

Note:   Dari Rulai ZhiMen Temple and its representatives offered spiritual healing work as a part of its centuries-old religious mission of spiritual upliftment, world service and charitable activities.  The spiritual healing work offered by Dari Rulai ZhiMen Temple is in no way intended to be a diagnosis, cure, healing, or treatment of any disease, condition or illness, in the medical sense of these terms.  No part of our spiritual healing work is ever intended to be a substitute for professional medical treatment or advice.  If you have a current medical condition, or even the possibility of a serious medical condition developing, you should seek the advice and care of a licensed physician or health care professional immediately.  Any reference to "healing" in our programs refers exclusively to personal spiritual healing, which may or may not occur through your participation in our religious and spiritual activities.   You are solely responsible for your own medical situation and care and for the health of your physical body.