Dari Rulai ZhiMen Temple:  Great Enlightener Wisdom Gate Temple (dba for Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Association)  is here to uplift humanity through sharing Chinese Esoteric (Hanmi) Buddhism with Minnesotans and with all who are interested in learning life-changing meditation practices.  It was founded in 2015 by ordained Hanmi Buddhist Minister, Charlotte M. Steen,Vajracharya.  

Mahavairocana Dharma King, Dechan Jueren 大日如来法王得禅觉人, founded the Dari Rulai Temple in Los Angeles, CA on December 11, 1998 as the seat for Chinese Esoteric (Hanmi) Buddhism -- which embodies the complete teachings of the Mahavairocana Buddha passed down by Vajrasattva and Nargarjuna Bodhisattvas to Subhakarasimha, Vajrabodhi, and Amoghavajra in Xi'an, China over 1300 years ago. 

Great Master Dechan Jueren is the Chinese Esoteric Buddhist School's 49th Great Master and Lineage bearer.  Additionally, he is also the 47th Great Master and Lineage bearer for the most recognized Zen School in China, the Linji Chan School  and the 16th Lineage Holder of the renowned Zhaojuie Monastery.

Chinese Esoteric Buddhism teaches methods so that the practitioner can, with this very body, become enlightened; with this very body, attain awakening; with this very body-- while you are still alive--become a Buddha.  Naturally, before one can attain to Buddhahood, one must first attain to humanhood.   That is, one must truly attain to being a real human being who respects all, who helps all, and who looks for nothing in return; just like this great earth, which nurtures every life unconditionally. 

Now, through great destiny, there is the opportunity for those in Minnesota and surrounding communities to learn the Chinese Esoteric Meditation practices, with the hope that once learned, they will be practiced.  Once practiced consistently, that one will experience greater health, peace, happiness and prosperity.  And, with the hope that if there is that destiny, that one will attain. 

Great Master Dechan Jueren 于大师
Charlotte M.  Steen, Vajracharya & Abbot

"It is my greatest hope that many people will have the opportunity to learn and practice meditations from the Chinese Esoteric Buddhist school.  They are profound gifts offered to humanity to uplift and inspire us to be better people.  The Temple is a simple, humble place, but it can also serve as your beginning to your own beautiful peace, joy and radiant health.  It can be your "wisdom gate" to the world."

Note:   Dari Rulai ZhiMen Temple and its representatives offer spiritual healing work and teachings as a part of its centuries-old religious mission of spiritual upliftment, world service and charitable activities.  The spiritual healing work and teachings offered by Dari Rulai ZhiMen Temple is in no way intended to be a diagnosis, cure, healing, or treatment of any disease, condition or illness, in the medical sense of these terms.  No part of our spiritual healing work is ever intended to be a substitute for professional medical treatment or advice.  If you have a current medical condition, or even the possibility of a serious medical condition developing, you should seek the advice and care of a licensed physician or health care professional immediately.  Any reference to "healing" in our programs refers exclusively to personal spiritual healing, which may or may not occur through your participation in our religious and spiritual activities.   You are solely responsible for your own medical situation and care and for the health of your physical body. 

Open Hanmi Buddhist Meditation Practices

These are some of the Hanmi Buddhist teachings which have been opened to the general public.  These are available on an empowered CD for purchase, and, along with many other dharma meditations, are in The Dharma Book:  Heal Yourself & Others Through Meditation.  Contact the Temple to purchase at: info@mn-hanmi-buddhism.org or steenc108@gmail.com.

Introductory Meditations:

Six Meditations of the Lotus Family

Healing Meditations (also available on CD): 

Balance Weight

Wisdom Dew Beauty Yoga

Calcium Enrichment

Diabetes Self-Healing

Clear Eye

Self-Healing of Various Illnesses

Foundations for Self-Realization Meditations (available on CD):

Treasure Vase Qi Dharmas

Calming & Relaxing Dharma

Diamond Wisdom

Dhyana Yoga

Prajna Akas'agarbha Moving Meditation

Advance Healing Meditation Practices (require an abhis'eka. )

Medicine Buddha Dharma

Hanmi Healing Techniques

More open meditation teachings are available in The Dharma Book:  Heal Yourself & Others Through Meditation. 2009.  A collection of some of the Hanmi Buddhist healing techniques are available in Thunderbolt Yoga Subduing Mara, 2009.  An English Sutra of Great Master Dechan Jueren's is also now available in, Words of a Buddha:  Selected Talks 1999-2003.  His Sutras in Chinese are also available by request.

Please contact Vajrcharya Charlotte for more information at info@MN-Hanmi-Buddhism.org, steenc108@gmail.com, or 651-278-0697.