“The meditation that Charlotte led us through got rid of the migraine I had since yesterday."  A.E

"The meditation today helped calm me down, as I have been extremely stressed lately.  I also liked that we were able to discuss our meditation afterwards.  It's good to know that not everyone sees visions during meditations."

”Thank you!  The guided meditation was quite remarkable, my experience of it, anyway." 

Supporting you in your transformation

 through ancient Chinese Esoteric Buddhist spiritual healing, meditation practices, & Buddhist prayer services (Dharma Rites). 

Our Story

The Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Association was started by Vajracharya 智禅 ZhiChan, Charlotte Steen, Vice Abbot of Dari Rulai Temple, to share Hanmi Buddhism with Minnesotans and with all who are interested in learning life-changing meditation practices.

Open Daily at: 

80 County Rd. C, #804, Little Canada, MN 55117.    MORE HERE.

Our Offerings

Hanmi Buddhist Spiritual Healing Services

Monday, Wednesday, Friday &

Saturday: 10am-12 noon.  Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 6 pm.  Sundays at 5 pm.  RSVP HERE.  Donations accepted.


Chinese Mystery School Meditation Courses

Hanmi Buddhist  Dharma Rites/Prayer Services

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Golden Crown Dharma King, Dechan Jueren