“The meditation that Charlotte led us through got rid of the migraine I had since yesterday."  A.E

"The meditation today helped calm me down, as I have been extremely stressed lately.  I also liked that we were able to discuss our meditation afterwards.  It's good to know that not everyone sees visions during meditations."

”Thank you!  The guided meditation was quite remarkable, my experience of it, anyway." 

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Uplifting humanity & supporting you in your transformation
 through ancient Chinese Esoteric Buddhist meditation, Buddhist prayer services
(Dharma Rites) & Spiritual Healing. 

Our Story


 "Buddhist Beliefs:   

The Five Precepts"



Buddhist Right Conduct

Great Master Dechan Jueren teaches us more about it  in: "The Attendant of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Yang Ur Hoo and the Lord of Hell." Words of a Buddha:  Selected Talks 1999-2003.  (c) 2020 YuTianJian.  145-162.

Our Offerings

Spiritual Healing Services

Not available on-site.  Distance healing only.  Email steenc108@gmail.com.  


Dharma Teachings

The best option currently is self-study--- purchase an empowered Meditation CD for your meditation practice, and Words of a Buddha: Selected Talks 1999-2003 to help you to know yourself, change yourself, overcome yourself. 

Dharma Rites/Prayer Services

Currently we cannot offer dharma rites, but may be able to fulfill prayer requests. 

Our Sangha,
Our Community   

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Do Good. Be Good.  Do No Harm:  Cultivating Bodhicitta 

Meritorious Donations accepted to help keep our small Chinese Esoteric Buddhist Temple going and to support its work in the larger community. .

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